Every Month Rural Missouri brings Missouri and the Missouri co-op way of life to 1.5 million readers.


Rural Missouri magazine’s presence in the Show-Me State spans seven decades. Many of our 1.5 million readers have grown up with Rural Missouri in their homes. Because of this longstanding relationship, our readers trust what they read and have confidence in the advertisers they see in the magazine. No other magazine speaks to this unique, rural, small-town and suburban market like Rural Missouri.

Over 550,000 monthly circulation


The Rural Missouri market keeps growing. The best way to reach all those Missourians is with an ad in the most widely circulated magazine in the state. The magazine’s current monthly circulation is over 550,000 and readership is 1.5 million. This tremendous circulation puts Rural Missouri in more Missouri homes than any other statewide publication.

Alabama Living 415,000
Arkansas Living 387,750
Colorado Country Life 226,000
Florida Currents 92,000
Georgia Magazine 540,000
Illinois Country Living 187,000
Indiana Connection 272,000
Kansas Country Living 128,000
Kentucky Living 455,000
Louisiana Country 101,000
Today in Mississippi 445,000
Rural Missouri 552,000
Rural Electric Nebraskan 54,300
Enchantment (NM) 88,000
Carolina Country (NC) 700,000
North Dakota Living 93,000
Ohio Cooperative Living 301,000
Oklahoma Living 325,000
Penn Lines (PA) 165,000
Ruralite (AK, AZ, CA, ID, NV, OR & WA) 332,000
South Carolina Living 606,000
The Tennesse Magazine 587,000
Texas Co-op Power 1,540,000
Cooperative Living (VA) 521,000
Wisconsin Energy Co-op News 172,000
Wyoming Rural Electric News 40,400




are very likely or somewhat likely to trust an advertisement in Rural Missouri vs. advertisements in other magazines.


have some college or
university education



own their home with an
average value of $232,000

own a vacation or
weekend home


Average Household Income
25% over $100,000


Rural Missouri readers respond to our advertisers, many of whom have been with us for years because they get results. The positive editorial outlook and unique feature stories create a trustworthy environment for advertisers. In fact, 86 percent of readers say that they are very likely or somewhat likely to trust an advertisement in Rural Missouri compared to advertisements in other magazines.

readers per copy


read 4 of last 4 issues

Average time spent per issue


are social media users


took action based on something they read in rural Missouri


have purchased online in the last year


Clipped a coupon


Saved an article or ad


Visited website


Every month Rural Missouri brings Missouri co-op way of life to 1.5 million readers.

The stable country family (SCF)

This is the largest audience segment, representing about half the circulation. These households usually consist of two adults, ages 25-54, with one or two children at home or on adjacent properties. On average, the group owns about 33 acres. In many cases, their estates have been passes down, so they have relatively little debt. One or both parents work nearby. They also receive income from sources such as farming. Products attractive to this market segment include travel, trucks, home furnishing, remodeling materials, garden and seed items, lawn maintenance devices and tractors, fencing, books, satellite television dishes and programming, electronic gate openers, specialty cooking items, petsupplies, clothing, home appliances, computers, and software.




readers took a domestic trip

RV Ownership


own ATV or similar

Garden Tool Ownership


readers took a domestic trip



own auto or other vehicle

Home Improvement


made energy-efficient upgrades

Prescription Drugs / Insurance


purchase prescription drugs upgrades 97% carry insurance


Size 1x 3x 6x 12x
Column Inch 350 340 333 315
1/6 Page 2,500 2,425 2,375 2,250
1/3 Page 3,400 3,298 3,230 3,060
1/2 Page 5,800 5,626 5,510 5,220
2/3 Page 7,500 7,120 6,820 6,590
Full Page 10,600 10,282 10,070 9,540
Closing Dates

Space must be reserved in writing by the 25th, two months preceding publication date. Advertising material is due by the 5th day of the month preceding publication date. Cancellations are not accepted after closing date.

Commisions & Payments

15 percent agency commission to recognized advertising agencies. Advertisers are required to pay in advance until credit is established.

Regional & Insert Rates

Regional advertising is accepted on half and full page ads. Rates are available upon request. Insert rates begin at $35 M.

Advertising Materials

Digital ad files are required for all advertisements. Due to variables in equipment, software and fonts, Rural Missouri assumes no responsibility for errors in the output of digital ads. Acceptable Formats · PDF • EPS • Photoshop • Illustrator Please be sure that…

All colors and photos have been saved in CMYK mode • All photo scans must be saved at a resolution of 266 dpi. • Images should be scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi at 100% of the final print size.

Digital Edition Rates
All Rural Missouri advertiser’s websites and e-mails are hyperlinked to the advertiser’s home page in the digital editon. Web ads, sponsorships, videos and other additional advertising opportunites are available on our digital edition.
Mechanical Requirements

Publication Trim Size – 8.375” x 10.5”
Live Image Area – 7.5” x 9.75”
Full Page Bleed Size – 8.575 x 10.75”

Non-Bleed Width Height
2”or 3” 2.25” Even inches
1/6 Page 2.25” 4.75”
1/3 Page (H) 5” 4.75”
1/3 Page (V) 2.25” 9.5”
1/2 Full Page 7.5” 4.75”
2/3 Page 5” 9.75”

Advertisements will be accepted only in the above dimensions. The publisher reserves the right to resize any advertisement that is inaccurate.



Space covered by contract to be used within one year from date of first insertion.Contracts may be discontinued by either party on 30 days written notice, with payment for space used at the rate and terms covering such used space as printed herein.


All advertising subject to publisher’s approval. No alcohol, tobacco, employment, personal, diet/herbal or patent medicine advertising accepted. New accounts must be paid in advance.

Advertiser's Responsibility

All advertisements accepted and published entirely on the representation of the advertiser or his agent that they are properly authorized to use and publish all material in said advertisement; and publisher accepts all advertising copy on the understanding that the advertiser and his agent agree to indemnify and protect the publisher from all claims and expenses whatsoever that may arise from any use or alleged misuse or unauthorized use from any materials in said advertisements.

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Every month Rural Missouri brings Missouri and the

Missouri co-op way of life to 1.5 million readers.

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