by | Mar 18, 2021

1st: The Landmark, Lowry City; 417-644-2349

Hungry diners have been flocking to The Landmark in downtown Lowry City for more than four decades. While they serve mouthwatering meals all week, your best bet is to show up on Sunday or Wednesday for the down-home, pan-fried chicken owner Jim Kalberloh has been serving up since he bought The Landmark 35 years ago. The fresh chicken is made with salt, a buttermilk bath and dredged in flour before cooking in a cast-iron skillet. The crispy crunch and tender meat will have you coming back for more.

2nd: Don’s Family Style Buffet, Huntsville; 660-277-4466

For delicious country-style fried chicken in a friendly atmosphere, join all of your soon-to-be friends at Don’s Family Style Buffet in Huntsville. Don’s has an extensive menu of country dishes you might expect at a popular Midwest restaurant. However, the locals know to go straight for the fresh, breaded fried chicken to fill you up.

EC: Claysville Store, Hartsburg; 573-636-8443

Hopefully you work up an appetite on your bike ride or hike on the Katy Trail. Located just off of Missouri’s famous rails-to-trails project is Claysville Store which serves up tasty home-style fried chicken with a host of homemade sides on Saturdays and Sundays. Pro tip No. 1: While the fresh-made fried chicken is delicious, be sure to save room for some of the made-from-scratch pies and cobblers. Pro tip No. 2: Claysville Store doesn’t accept credit cards, so hit the ATM on your way.


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