by | Feb 15, 2019

The True Story of Jim the Wonder Dog

by Marty Rhodes Figley

What would it be like if your dog could identify trees when asked? Understand foreign languages and Morse code? Point out which man in a group had the most money in his pocket? Well you’ll want to read this true story about Jim the Wonder Dog, a setter with unexplained abilities to captivate audiences during his lifetime. The runt pup became Missouri hotel owner Sam VanArsdale’s best friend and bird hunting buddy back in the 1930s. Children and adults alike will be amazed at this wonder pup’s uncanny abilities. Written for grades 3 through 6 and “ages 8 to 100” according to the author. Order directly from or on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

The Big Adventure of Webster and Molly!

by Barry and Peggy Boulware

Ever wonder where a dog might travel as they meander around the world every day? Well in The Big Adventure of Webster and Molly, authors Barry and Peggy Boulware share the story where their English Springer Spaniels tell the owners “We want to explore America!” and the adventures the two pups have as a result of the request. Off the two dogs drive from north Missouri, west through Kansas, then on to the mountains of Colorado, the Grand Canyon in Arizona and California to the redwood forest. As their adventures continue, they learn about history and sites in other states by racing across the salt fl ats in Utah, checking out Bear Tooth Pass in Montana and learning about a gold mine in South Dakota. When they fi nally arrive back home, they think about their wonderful adventure and realize there’s truly no place like home and that the world God made is full of beauty and adventure for everyone — even if you go no farther than you own yard. The book is written for ages 7 through 9 and can be found on You can email the authors at

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