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Rural Missouri is a monthly consumer-oriented general interest publication reaching over one million readers every month. Its circulation covers rural, small town and suburban areas – the areas where population is growing. Rural Missouri is published 12 times a year and serves as the official publication of the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives.

Our 62 years of experience and a circulation more than 540,000 have proven Rural Missouri sells.

Rural Missouri readers generally own their own homes and live in rural communities and small towns. Their interest in the publication is evident from their response to its news articles, features and advertisements. They read it, respect it, and they trust it. As a result, they feel comfortable patronizing its advertisers. All of this makes Rural Missouri the best vehicle for reaching Missouri’s family audience.

We also have advertisement space available for this website and our new digital edition.

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Size 1x 3x 6x 12x
Column Inch $350 $340 $333 $315
1/6 Page $2500 $2425 $2375 $2250
1/3 Page $3400 $3298 $3230 $3060
1/2 Page $5800 $5626 $5510 $5220
2/3 Page $7500 $7120 $6820 $6590
Full Page $10600 $10282 $10070 $9540

Mechanical Requirements

Publication Trim Size – 8.375” x 10.5”
Live Image Area – 7.5” x 9.75”
Full Page Bleed Size – 8.575 x 10.75”

Non-Bleed Width Height
2”or 3” 2.25” Even inches
1/6 Page 2.25” 4.75”
1/3 Page (H) 5” 4.75”
1/3 Page (V) 2.25” 9.5”
1/2 Full Page 7.5” 4.75”
2/3 Page 5” 9.75”
Advertisements will be accepted only in the above dimensions. The publisher reserves the right to resize any advertisement that is inaccurate.

Closing Dates

Space must be reserved in writing by the 25th, two months preceding publication date. Advertising material is due by the 5th day of the month preceding publication date. Cancellations are not accepted after closing date.

Commissions & Payments

15 percent agency commission to recognized advertising agencies. Advertisers are required to pay in advance until credit is established.

Regional & Insert Rates

Regional advertising is accepted on half and full page ads. Rates are available upon request. Insert rates begin at $35 M.

Digital Edition Rates

All Rural Missouri advertiser’s websites and e-mails are hyperlinked to the advertiser’s home page in the digital editon. Web ads, sponsorships, videos and other additional advertising opportunites are available on our digital edition.

Advertising Materials

Digital ad files are required for all advertisements. Due to variables in equipment, software and fonts, Rural Missouri assumes no responsibility for errors in the output of digital ads. Acceptable Formats · PDF • EPS • Photoshop • Illustrator Please be sure that…

All colors and photos have been saved in CMYK mode • All photo scans must be saved at a resolution of 266 dpi. • Images should be scanned at a resolution of 300 dpi at 100% of the final print size.

General Prices

Contract – Space covered by contract to be used within one year from date of first insertion.Contracts may be discontinued by either party on 30 days written notice, with payment for space used at the rate and terms covering such used space as printed herein.

Approval – All advertising subject to publisher’s approval. No alcohol, tobacco, employment, personal, diet/herbal or patent medicine advertising accepted. New accounts must be paid in advance.

Advertiser’s Responsibility – All advertisements accepted and published entirely on the representation of the advertiser or his agent that they are properly authorized to use and publish all material in said advertisement; and publisher accepts all advertising copy on the understanding that the advertiser and his agent agree to indemnify and protect the publisher from all claims and expenses whatsoever that may arise from any use or alleged misuse or unauthorized use from any materials in said advertisements.

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